Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tudor Gown Gallery

Well I finally had time to take the garb pictures. Surprisingly before the New Year, I geared up after supper today to take these photos I have been promising. There is a total of 90 pictures but am showing one from each of my looks.It took about 4 hours to change through all these dresses, but it was worth it.
Now I am able to add more accurate additions to my Facebook of me in garb and show off my new gowns and hats to match. Oh the green brocade gown I bought off eBay some time ago. I wore it to Wills Revenge this past year but no one took pictures of me in it, neither at Ladies event with my blue gown with matching hood. Though my green velvet hood matches the green brocade gown like I made it to match the gown. Irony is so awesome sometimes.
I hope you like them all, which gown do you like the best? Feel free to comment.

Best Wishes in the New Year,


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas and all that Loot

Well it was another good holiday this year everyone liked the gifts I bought, so success! Food was great at both places we visited, didn't expect anything less. This is the way the Holidays should be every year. Here is the list of loot we receieved and bought with money and or gift cards: Strike Up the 12 Days of Christmas Carol!

Justin got me a sterling silver necklace and bracelet set, Katana handled chopsticks and a CD from our friend"Fig", got a copper colored silk scarf from my sister Melissa, Walmart Gift card from my Sister Teresa; which bought a lovely turquoisey-teal queen size fleece blanket for the couch. A Gift card from my Parents, which bought me some gold hoop earrings with fresh water pearl dangles and 18 inch freash water pearl necklace. Hmm dare I say real jewelry for Tudor Garb? Another Walmart gift card from Justin's aunt (not sure what to get with this one), a Joanns Gift card from Justin's uncle( you know what that will be used for;-) and two festive bath washes, loofa, and sewing bobbin with needle ornament from Justin's cousin. Money from Justin's Grandma, money and lottery tickets from Justin's parents, which I won $59 total on the lottery. Justin won money off his tickets too $29, we are just a lucky bunch. What can I say my future in laws are good to me, they picked the good ones.

Justin got gift cards to Books-a-Million, Cracker Barrell and Applebees, same gifts from Jason as I got, as well as money, lottery tickets, etc. He got a Arabian Dagger from my sister Melissa. He used his gift card from my parents to purchase a new pair of boots for work, I got him two hard to find Deadlands RPG books for his collection and a pair of fuzzy dice. He was very happy with them both, also his other Gram found some of his old comic books, so those are going safely away in his trunk. So a lost and found gift ;-)

We both got gifts from our job, nice throw blankets and gift cards to Dunkin Doughnuts, haven't used all mine from last year but that is ok lots more money for fancy coffee ;-) I still have gifts from the roleplaying gaming group to disperse and my local 12th night to attend, so there is more gift giving on the horizon.

As far as the money is concerned, I am using some of the money to buy two costuming books online from, they have two patterning books called King's Servant and Queens Servant(which just came out this month) so I am picking up both of those. I also am looking into a dress watch online, ooo sparkly. Also thinking of 5 real golden rings with gemstones, yet more real jewelry to wear with garb, and well anytime actually. That will probably use all my money but its well worth it. There are a few things I am considering, like some other Tudor garb online also but the books are a definite.

As far as sewing garb, I have made some real progress on my black velvet gown. The bodice fits properly and trim is sewn down on the bodice. I have the skirt pleated and ready to add trim then attach to bodice. So hope to have it all together today and add fur sleeves tonight. When Melissa goes back to Saudia Arabia, I want her to pick up more of that wonderful fabric to make more embroidered renaissance shirts. Decisions, Decsions am able to get alot done in peace while things are slow over the holidays. Oh to be done and take pictures of this and my other recent creations would be lovely. Its a goal for sure, well that is all that is going on right now.

Best Holiday Wishes,


Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree and other photos!

Pictures of this years Christmas Tree, I put my woodbaby puppets in for something different. Its a fantasy theme, turned out really cute. Love all the gifts underneath, looks like a happy Christmas for all.

Though I lost my tree topper, I plugged it in and it made a popping noise, so its done unfortunately, going to have to pick up another with the after christmas sales. Will have to check Walmart and such. It was a really cool color changing 8 pointed star. Hope I can find another one just like it, its so pretty.

I included a picture of my new drabbit, this is Tourmaline the Glistening. The check is cashed and she should be on her way. I hope to see the UPS man soon so I can find a spot for her on the entertainment center with her brothers and sisters.

I also got my Citrine jewelry in the mail, looks lovely as ever. More updates on presents to come.
In the Spirit of the Season,


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preparations are as planned

Well I was able to get the tree set up two days ago and finally decorated today. It seems that Tabbetha has the sense not to climb it for now. I will be able to tell when I get home, by the hang of the branches and the bits of chewed tree. Though there is an army of paper wrapped gifts on floor level that I am sure are more interesting and easier to accquire. Today I was also sucessful in wrapping all our packages, save two large ones I ran out of gift wrap paper:-(

So I am picking up odds and ends at Walmart tomorrow, I know madness! I find that the last minute odds and ends will not be a bad afternoon outing, after being the house all day. Also have to go to the bank, pay rent and other similar errands before the holiday, sure I am not the only one tiding up the before holiday errand list.

I work all night tonight and will keep occupied with my sewing. I have to put the fur sleeves on the gown and trim on the bodice and attach the skirt, the rest is hook and eye closures. Though sleep will be the goal when I get home. Dishes, check the tree for disturbance, feed cats, clean litter box before I can hit the hay.

Speaking of odds and ends that is what you see pictured above is a lovely trim I found in Walmarts ribbon section, I am thinking of making ruffs out of it. Though I only have 6 feet to work with. If I can find two more rolls I will be happy it was fairly cheap too. So for now its fun to look at and wait to see how it presents itself in one of my sewing masterpieces.

I am determined to make our gold with blue floral pattern curtains in the bedroom into a gown. Have had my eye on this for a while, the fabric was orginally purchase for the intent of a gown. I have other ones with insulated lining to put up in their stead but will have to find time to get them out of the shed and put up before I head back to work again in the evening. This is not supper pressing

Though I have Friday off which is a delight, I should have everything done for the holiday by then, fingers crossed. I think I will take pictures of a few of my new and never seen gowns in the bathroom mirror. Post those along with Christmas photos of the tree with woodbabies in it, and find time to do some more decorating with garlands if time permits. I will let Justin have the car, don't mind being a house bum for a day ;-)

Well if I want to take a picture of this gown by Friday I had better get cracking. I will post a whole picture gallery soon. Until then have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my fans and followers.



Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snow, Sewing and Embroidery

Well finished the gold outter gown with attached outter skirt and fox faux fur hanging sleeves, it matches wonderfully. I am going to wear the gold and black french hood, foresleeves, and underskirt with this gown. I do have to finish a stomacher for this ensemble and sew some trim on the gown yet. I hope to take photos of this gown and the purple one in more detail soon. Hope to get more of an idea of how it will fit too.

I will be starting on the black velvet gown next.I have to say the new gowns are really coming along nicely. Its nice being more motivated to get them done, wish I had the motivation in the summer. Though having large amounts of fabric on your lap when its hot doesn't seem as nice in the summer as in the winter. Guess it comes out to jewelry summers and garb winters, everything in cycles I suppose. I like snow but not wild in driving in it, though I rather snow than ice for sure there is just no winning the road battle with ice.

I am on and off working in my left glove embroidery, have the white ribbon and classical pillars done and have to make the black outline yet. Turning out really nice so far, will have to make the floral edging and peacock supporters to finish. Though it will take some time to get done and I am in no rush.

Still have 9 people to finish on my Christmas list but I have ideas that I need to research some other gifts yet. Still have not put the Christmas tree up or any decorations actually, thinking of doing some tomorrow on an unexpected day off. Have other errands to run but nothing that will take loads of time. At this point things are looking at catching up on household and hobby things, which is nice for a change. We did get snow last night about an inch or so but its all melted away by the late afternoon. Its cold and clear but pleasant really for December, guess we will see if more snow is on its way to make thing seasonally interesting.

Being the Domestic Diva,


Monday, November 28, 2011

A Gown in the Works and Other Mudanities

Since I do not have any Christmas orders for Garb this year :-( I am working on my everpresent list of garb for myself. I cut out three linen bodice linings. One for the black velvet gown, one for the peach gown and one for the gold gown. Each has its own uniqueness in styling. Of course I will let the outter fabrics and trims do all the talking and let your eyes do the walking ;-)

So I have progress sewing seams on all edges of one of the linings, not sure if I want the grain of the gold fabric to go vertical or horizontal. I went with a diagonal for the front pieces so they will v where they will close and the back is vertical. It looks very interesting, the goal with the directionality of the fabric, I hope it will make me look thinner and taller. Really interested in seeing how it all works out when I am finished sewing them on the linings. If its like the vision in my mind, its going to be a good one.

Though I am distracted at the prospect of working on some jewelry, though I don't need more to add to my crazy trunks full. Though I have a friend willing to cast some metalic decorative pieces with colored enamel for jewels. So I am interested in seeing how that will turn out, gave some paintings as jewelry reference. Though I think it will be months before I see anything I can work with, the castings are to be made from scratch. So I will keep stitching for a while unless some orders come in the mean time. I am hoping no one wants a last minute Tudor miracle. They take 2-3 weeks to complete the outter gown with hat, foresleeves, and underskirt. To make a total gown from the skin out takes 4-6 weeks depending on complexity. Its nice to get nice things but they do cost a penny or two.

Today besides cooking supper for Justin ahead of time, I hung up my Tudor Ladies Tapestry in the hallway this morning. Bought a rod with fancy ends at Biglots, it entends up to 84" though I didn't need it that long. It also had hardware to hang on the wall, I added 4 loops made from 2 1/2 wide trim to hold the tapestry on to the bar. It didn't have a pocket for a rod so the loops were whip stiched in the back threads. So the weight is distributed evenly but won't pull the back too much. Its just the right size for that wall, I tried to pin it up behind the couch but its too long to see the bottom row of tudor ladies. Wanted to make sure it was properly given full view since its such a magnificent piece.

On mundane life news, I am half way done with my christmas shopping. The last ones are the in laws side of the family and that will take care of the list. Very happy with how I was able to get a good jump this year. Not feeling the pinch as other years. Guess we will see how it all works out too, there is still lots of time. Hope to get some good deals on nice things for them all.

Good Luck to all who haven't started,


Friday, November 18, 2011

More on the Renaissance Busts, not those Busts!

Just as a later note. I recieved the Renaissance busts of the man and woman in the mail that I bought from Ebay. To my disappointment they were smashed, and were not marked as fragile. Not sure if it was the method Parcel Post, being bargain basement shipping, that they were subject to bad placement in the truck or much more weight than normal. They were in pieces, the woman wose than the man, though they were both missing pieces. They were wrapped very well in bubble wrap but clanked in the box and still broke due to the sheer weight and not as stable as first packed, the newspaper shifted I believe.

So I set out to fix them both. Not in super small pieces there was still hope. I glued them with super glue the major parts then found smaller parts and glued them. Then bought air dry clay and molded to statue to smooth cracks and gaps. Let dry overnight, stablized with more glue. Then painted when glue dried, matching and slighly enhancing them while painting. Then a fixed with a top coat of thick layer of acrylic sealer. Made sure they were stable, then put them out atop the tarra-cotta gryphon pillars. They look great more viberant than the oringal concept. Will post the after photos soon.

Right now I need to find some cloth accents to go underneath them. They do have felt bottoms but this is additional protection for the pillar and looks good too. Have to see what I can come up with. Well that was the bust update.

Don't let your mind wonder;-)


Royal Ermine Fur Tudor Gown

Well one down and three more to go, you may have not take note. I added a gold Duponi with fox fur to the list of gowns. What can I say the garb to be made list is never ending, which is true been going strong for over 6 years. Though the royal purple and ermine Tudor is done. When I try it on I am going to take some photos for all to see. I am really looking forward on how this one will look all together.

So the official description: A Royal Purple Velvet Tudor Gown with front closure featuring Ermine fur edging and hanging ermine fur sleeves. With a gold and white matching brocade foresleeves, underskirt, and French hood with black satin edging with beaded accents. Very stunning combination of colors and textures, will post pics for certain.

After trying to fit my gown into my garb trunk, to see if I could put it away. I realized the need to clear out my additional "casual" garb trunk. That means more peasant wear needs to be sold. Which is good for all of those interested in buying some good garb for better prices off of me. I will post photos in a separate entry for you to all look at and decide on purchasing.

Thank you to my newest follower, all my readers keep my blog possible. I appreciate your viewing my unusual musings and entertaining my strange be it traditional craft. If there are any questions or comments feel free to post them to any blog. I do read and respond.

Thanks for the interest,


Monday, November 14, 2011

Parrot Woodbaby Puppets

Well I am a bad bad girl again. I was given two good offers for two woodbaby Parrot puppets. I took the offers, though I know its worth it for these they are super special birds. Not going to get anymore woodbabies or drabbits till after the wedding, but we will see how long I can hold out. I worked lots of overtime so this is my reward. Will get them in the mail soon my owlet, Athena will be happy to have these other birds around for company. She doesn't know what she is in for it with these two party animals.

The first parrot is a purple and orange combo, a very stunning color combination that is awesome to behold. Looking online it seems to be a variation of a red and blue lory parrot, mostly blue though. The second is a rainbow colored parrot, not sure if it follows a specific breed but it looks super close to a Military Macaw breed of Parrot. So I could tell the inspirtation from real life for both, they are really cute for sure. Will have them perched on our katanna display for temporary, they sit so upright with these since they are close to the wall, its cool.

Sigh, will have to make more videos for Youtube showing them off. Its going to be interesting to say the least to get them to behave. Well I have an idea to dig out my birdcage and put them on top and put my owlet inside. Though will have to find room to put it up, now that I have more feathered friends this would be a good idea. Oh so much cool stuff and so little time and room, need a bigger place for our awesome stuff. Though that is a task that will take much longer to fill. I may have to find room on my dresser with my large handmade peacock, will have to ponder this carefully ;-)

Most feathery thoughts,


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spanish Noble Bust Statues

Recently I was able to acquire a pair of items that is at least Renaissance like and I want to share them with you. In the past I had two bust statues of a Spanish man and woman, in renaissance attire. These I lost in a move and became someone else’s property, not a big deal at the time. There was no room to store them or display them in the next place I was living, so I just accounted the loss and moved on. A few days earlier I acquired two free terra cotta pillars that have a gryphon sculpted elaborately each base. I wasn’t sure at the time what I was going to put on them or store them for that matter. Though I just somehow know they would be used for sure. Then it hit me to find by Spanish Lord and Lady Busts and display them properly upon the pillars. Though eventually I knew I wanted to buy a new pair to replace the ones I lost. Luckily I found the same exact two in excellent condition on eBay. I believe it is at the same price I bought the previous ones.

The lord aptly named Ferdinand, is a conquistador and has the armored helmet with plume, fancy doublet and collar to match his elaborate decorated helm. The lady appropriately named Isabella wears a ladies doublet with a wide starched ruff, long hair plaited and on top of her head with an elaborate heraldic pin, they are quite the awesome accent.

My goal is to put them on respective pillars on either corner of my kitchen window. I also have to display my Tudor ladies tapestry to display in my living room but have not gotten wall hardware and rod to get this done, though it is a goal. If the window wasn’t there I would put the tapestry on that wall near the pillars but I only have so much room. Guess you can’t get it they way you want it all the time. Though I will be happy when we can get a larger place, then I can display the d├ęcor in a much better manner. Until then just have to be creative in my choices of location of my things.

Hope you enjoyed my little statuary musing, will let you all know and post pictures of the gown when she is all done with the accessories.

Till then,


More Royal Fuzzy Progress

Now keep in mind the photo is of a royal purple velvet and Faux Ermine fur Tudor gown. The gown needs hook and eyes on the front closure yet and looks funny on a hanger. Tudor clothing was not meant to be on a hanger, but none the less the outer gown is complete and wanted to show it off.
The velvet is a dark royal purple but shows black on here unfortunately. There just wasn't enough light to get the purple to show up, my hunter green velvet gown has the same effect in photos.

Used all 2 yards of Faux Ermine fur, the gown is very plush to say the least. I have no doubt this will be the warmest gown I own. Right now I finished small sewing on my french hood and adding the puffs to the foresleeves. On the slate yet is the under skirt of the same brocade as the foresleeves. I will post photos of my look when the rest of the accessories are complete.

I hope also to have a small piece of embroidery done and mailed by the end of the week, guess we will see. After this total outfit is done I am starting immediately on one of the three others that have been waiting in the wings, a foxyfur sleeved gold faux silk gown, black velvet with artic fox faux fur sleeves, and my peach elizabethan gown with embroidred roses silk shirt. So much sewing and sew little time, lol. Anyway that is the fuzzy progress I made this week.

I still have details to iron out on youth activities for the 19th but I am no concerned. I am doing similar activites as I did for Confed Ladies event. Just have to decide if there are one or two more things that the brood will be interested in doing. There are always a few tricks up my fuzzy sleeves;-)



Friday, November 4, 2011

Making a Furry Mess in More Ways than One

Well I finished the bodice and put the upper sleeves on my purple velvet gown, and it fits like a charm. So all is well so far, cut velvet off the skirt length for a stomacher and looking forward to constucting and furring that later. Right now putting the fur on the edges of the split front of the skirt and skirt hem. I want to get the clumsy and akward part done first, its the most time consuming. Working third shift for a few days, so will be able to get some undivided attention to the gown over the weekend.

Its really taking shape and will post pictures when its in a better state of recongnizable order. Oh its so rich looking. I told my mother about it and she is looking forward to seeing this creation. Normally she just muses at my quirky excitment over my sewing but seems a tad more interested since she is a fan of purple. Though I thought she had another favorite color, oh well learn something new everyday I guess.

Oh its a furry mess since the fur shed a bit on my pants more than my cats, amusing bit. But will be warm, which with fall and winter coming will be very good. I have more fur for two more gowns that came in this week, just as sumptuous as ever and looking forward to seeing how it all turns out of course. Want to have it done by Sept 19th for Fabric Fiber and Fighting, guess I will see. Should be able to go, had my boss schedule it for me already. Now to figure out childrens activies, that is for another post;-)

On a side note, I have a new kitty in the house. Have not named her but she is a tabby kitten with butterscotch accents throughout. She is about 5 months old with a delightful temperment and a eye for mischief. Right now she is not feeling 100% since she has diarreah. I think its from formerly living outside, adjusting to new food and living conditions. My neighbor thinks she was dropped off two days ago, been hanging around her 8 outdoor cats and getting food there.

Found her yesterday at my place when I was leaving for work. Thought she was one of the next door neighbor's cats. Though I found out later to be untrue. Since the summer I wanted a compantion for Jasper since he seems to get aweful lonely while Justin and I are at work. Very attention seeking when we get home. They really enjoy each other, no growling or scraping. Just the occasional swat of annoyance if the other is getting too nosey in to the others personal space.
I posted ads out to see if someone has lost her but no calls yet, and not expecting any. Justin has gotten attached to her he mentioned about her being his cat. Funny he wasn't wild about the idea at first, but its hard to say no to such a cute face. She sits on his belly and naps while he watches TV, so adorable. Despite her passing noxious gas, he still likes her though we hope that the gas will go away when she feels better.

Right now, I am giving her cooked rice and hamburger to settle her insides with lots of water to keep her hydrated. Poor thing hope she improves over the next few days. She has been leaving some noxious gas since the diarreah started. Though her case is no where as bad as Jasper had earlier this year. So its a waiting game, she start did eat the rice and hambruger before I left for work and does have a healthy appetite for food and drink, all good signs. Will post pictures of her, hope to get a pic of the two of them its so funny she is so small and Jasper is so big, what an odd couple.

Well that is all the news from here, back to sewing.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Foresleeves finished

Well progress is being made on the sewing front. I completed the foresleeves with beading, I have to make the silken poufs on the bottom edge of the foresleeves but that won't take long to attach those accents.

I have decided to kick off fall with a warm furry creation. No not a puppet but to start my royal purple velvet and ermine fur gown. Been chomping at the bit to sew this creation, I decided the 2 yards of ermine fur will be used on this gown alone.

In stead of making a dark twin gown, I found an artic fox faux variety that would work well with the black velvet gown. Its has some spots of black with gradual varations from light to dark, so it will look really cool against the richness of the black velvet. So it will have alook all its own instead of being a black version of the purple gown in my drawing.

Found a great Faux Furier online that sells quality faux fur that is pretty convincing to the real thing. Its just so much easier having faux fur sleeves that are sleek and easier the care for than real fur and much cheaper. The quality faux fur is more expensive per yard but for the proper look to the Tudor fur sleeves with correct depth and texture is its worth the money. Since I tend to buy just one yard at a time its not hard on the purse strings either.

You may ask why use 2 whole yards of fur for the sleeves on just one gown? Well it won't just be the sleeves. The purple velvet fabric I have is 45 inches wide and will be sort since I am 5'7". When its pleated to my bodice there will be ankles showing which will not do. I was deciding how to approach a lining on the bottom of the gown for the past week. My options are either strips of black velvet, stips of matching brocade, or strips of ermine fur. Well I decided on the fur but not to buy more. Just use the two yards I purchased.

This gown is meant to look very royal, so they would have used the fur and shown it off when ever possible. Since the ermine fur is 60 inch wide fabric, I am going to cut 2 inch strips and line the front and bottom edges of the skirt with ermine. Also linging the top bodice neckline of the gown with ermine too. Its going to be one striking and warm gown. My plans if all works well is to wear this to Fabric Fiber and Fighting. Which as this point is looking to be a cold event since its in the middle of November. Though that all depends on my work schedule if I will be able to go and do children's activities for this event. Guess we will see how it all works out. Hope things can get back to normal but will miss the overtime pay. Oh well guess you can't have your pie and eat it too.

Back to the future,


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At last....its finished...

Well after harping about making this French Hood for a while. I finally completed it last night while at work. Decieded on the beading scheme and it looks lovely as expected. In making the french hood it gave me some ideas on how to execute the design of the foresleeves.

So far this is the plan: I am using the same lovely floral brocade fabric and to match the hood, I purchased 1 1/2 inch black satin ribbon. Which will be put around the edges, the bottom will be filled with silk lining for the poufs, and beaded with white pearls around a black and gold bead same as on the french hood. In my mind its all in the details, am certain this will look great with both the black velvet gown and purple velvet gown, both with ermine sleeves. So its going to be white black and gold with either more black or purple, either way its going to look sumptuous.

I am drawing up the plans for my next riding hat, brought my drawing pad to get the ideas in head onto paper. Lest I forget those stunning details that I have perculating.

Recently I have been dreaming of gowns again and I am sure a new inspiration will be coming soon. Though I have had some ideas for simple elizabethan gowns to make for more simplified look, it would yet again be in those details whether or not how fancy I want to make the gowns. Though nothing is concrete in my ideas, I have ideas on some red and purple curtains that were for sale. The materials are simlar to the weave to the fabric used in my French Blue Elizabethan Gown. Which was also made from curtains, not a coinsidence. So plans are simmering for now, and some more lovely hats may need to be made for these other gowns later on.

We'll see how long it takes to get the foresleeves done. Maybe by the end of the week if all goes well. Ver motivated to sew but no fabric to work on here at my job. Guess I will work on jewelry instead ;-)

For now back to the mundane,


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Six Wives Tudor Tapestry

I just had to show you all what a lovely thing I found on ebay. Wondering what I was going to spend my ebay bucks towards was becoming challenging, and I stumbled upon this looking for Tudor accessories under a Renaissance search. I have a tapestry showing fashion of the 1510's but nothing further till this beautyv came along.
This is a woven 100% cotton throw that I found on Ebay for 16.99 plus shipping. It contains all images of the six wives of Henry VII and I believe possibly Lady Mary Boleyn and HenryVIII's sister the Princess Mary Tudor. So here they are list edas in the order I believe they appear. Some of these paintings are still disputed on who is depicted, so this is my educated guess. Plus tibits of Tudor knowledge that I know from researching the era for over six years.

Top row: (left) Mary Tudor: Henry's second sister married to the King of France and later second marriage secretly to Duke of Suffolk; Charles Bradon. (middle) Anne Boleyn: second wife to Henry, mother of Elizabeth I. I know this is her since there is the B necklace showing on her neck. (right) Catherine Parr: Sixth wife to Henry and this portrait was done two years after they were married in 1545. Disputed to be Lady Jane Grey but later changed. One of my favorites for its texture, I made a gown that is in similar colors to represent this dress. Will post pics later. Center: (Left) This is Catherine Howard but it is desputed since most images of former queens were discarded after death or removal from office. It does have a fetching resemblence to Anne but has closer features to Catherine Howards other portrait. Center: (Middle) Catherine of Aragon, first queen of Henry VIII. Henry later married Catherine after compensation from the Pope over her unconsumated marriage to his older brother Arthur was obtained. Ironic he later argues the validity of the marriage some 26 years and 6 children later, only Mary I survived to adulthood. This is a portrait of her as the Princess of Wales Bottom (Left) Anne of Cleves this is taken right from Holbein's painting no disgrepancies there. No doubt Henry fell in love with this demure flanders mare before he met her. Unlike his constant recorded complaint she was not at all ugly. I think Henry just didn't like her manners and foreign customs. After all, you go from your family and all you know to live in a foreign land and learn all their customs in 7 months of marriage. (Center) This is another disputed one but I have found sources saying this is Mary Boleyn, Anne's sister during her time at court and favor by Henry's mistress. (Right) Last but certainly not least, Jane Seymour, third queen of Henry. Third one is the charm after all; he loved her, she bore him his only living son but died 12 days after his birth. Henry was recorded to whisper her name as his last dying words. Unfortunately her son Edward VI he didn't rule very long only six years after his father's death. Edward is believed to have died of pnemonia but their were whispers of poisoning.

The history of the people depicted is interesting but I have to say I am more happy to see the attention to detail on the images. I love how they look and now have a good representation of 1520's through 1540's Tudor fashion for ladies. Last night I figured out the perfect spot to hang this up on the wall. I need to get a curtain rod wide enough to accomidate its 51" x 68" measurements. Its going to be fun, will have to gently sew a pocket on the back, for the rod to sit in. Luclily I know how to carefully do such things with out showing stitches on the front face of the fabric.

Still working away on my French hood, it looks great just needs beads to accent it and set to wear. I am debating which ones to use, pearls for sure but I have some nice glass beads that would set this off perfectly. I will have to try it to see how they look in combination with one another.

I found a company that makes vintage cabachons and pendants that are really good Tudor fakes. These technically would be Victorian in style but these are simple enough they can pass for Tudor. The Victorian era had a Renaissance Revial in architechture, writing, and other subjects. Fashion plates and books were made on the Tudors and their clothing. Though these books have lots of romantics added to an already heady subject matter. They are not best to use for research purposes, it can be hard to find out the facts through the victorian romanticism. I can't blame the Vicorians with falling in love with the intrigue, scandal, and heartbreak of the Tudor Court. Life imitates art and vice vera, ;-) Getting back to the sparkelies, I bought more of this brand of jewelry findings than I should but I know how the craft store doesn't keep things in stock so I was best for me to get them before they were discontinued. So I has Tudor treasure, hee hee.

Well if I get another good amount of jewelry making under my belt this weekend, I will fill up my jewelry trunk in no time. Though I want to finish this French hood first and start on my peach riding hood next, all in good time I suppose.

On the creative upswing,


Monday, October 17, 2011

Hatimania with Fancy Hat Pins

Hi all,

Well I am still working away at the french hood, its looks adorable. I need to find some thicker gauge wire to reinforce its curved shape at this point. The stuff I have is not cutting it right now but does give some stability. I have to finish sewing the trim and putting some beads on it and I will post some pics when I am done. I can't wait to make some matching foresleeves trimmed in black satin, its just looks so sharp.

Though on Saturday I did get some sparkly awesomeness completed. I made 12- 6" hat pins for my renaissance riding hats. I hope to add a peach riding hat eventually but its taking some time to get through the french hood right now. I realized my stock of stiffened felt is running low, So I will have to stock up on that and thick wire for more millinery insanity ;-)

I made a fold over piece of brocade fabric two Saturday's ago and had no idea what I made. Just sewing during a roleplaying session to keep awake, I was especially tired that day. When I was driving home after getting some take out earlier this week, it hit me like a bolt of lightning, I just made a fold over hat pin folio. Lol I must be getting really good at sewing and such. After all foreshadowing my own needs to making things even before I know that I will need them is a really awesome talent.

I am putting out local one page ads at all my local laundry mats, libraries, and grocery stores for my costumes and seeing who bites. More wedding money is always good plus folks get some awesome costumes out of the deal, great way to spread the Halloween love. Well that is about it from here, hope to post more hatimania soon.

Tata for now lovelies,


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good News on the Wedding Front

I personally delivered my downpayment for the reception at the Genetti Hotel, I also took a sneek peek at the Grand Ball Room. Its not as huge as I thought it would be but the decor is perfect for our reception and it will be very comfortable with 50 people in that room. Everything after all our thoughtfull planning is finally coming together. Its so great!

To add to my excitement, I had a lovely person purchase two of my gowns and interested in purchasing accessories to match. Very thrilled to pieces will help the wedding fund immensely.
Downpayment for the cake and the invitations I am thinking with this money. I am printing off my own response cards, registration information and site details at home. Its easier for my matron of honor and I to go crazy in Microsoft Word and print it on some similar colored cardstock at home. Plus I figured on making the cutest response card ever, details to follow;-)

I will have to collect addresses but I don't plan on mailing them for a while so not a rush. Supposed to mail invitations 2 to 3 months it before wedding according to most wedding decorum states. This christmas I want to send out a special gift to the family as a teaser for the wedding in April, I am working on some interesting plans;-)

Well thought I would share the progress and luck, very thrilled.

Can't Wait to be Mrs. Plotts,


Friday, October 7, 2011

Things are Sew Sew

Well I decided that I am getting started to sew up the three gowns I have been gushing about for months but I am starting small. Working on the hats first before finishing the rest of the gown. Its a risk but right now I want to ease into the project and get things rolling. Hats are fun and don't take more than three days to for me to make. So I am thinking of making my peach riding hat and white on black french hood with gold accents. I do have a black on white one so this will look different with the brocade on the back for a change. Looking forward with how it will turn out.

I am very happy with the way the french blue Elizabethan gown looks and am interested in how the design will work with the peach gown with some differences. I know the purple and black Tudor gowns will turn out stunning as usual.

I got progress on cutting out the felt pattern and pinning the fabric to the felt, not the process of sewing the fabric on and sewing the pattern pieces together, put in wire for stability and them decorate with beads and trim will take time. Though if it is like the vision in my head it will turn out stunning like the last one I made that was french blue. Well that is all for now, I hope to post some pics of the hats in the next two weeks and then start on gowns. Looking forward to hearing from you all with thoughts and questions.



Off Topic Drabbit Videos

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you all know beside my costumes and all things renaissance. I have recently posted more videos on my youtube channel. My Midsummer Knights Dream Woodbaby Puppets are all up to date with videos for your viewing enjoyment.

Right now there are four new Imaginarium Drabbit Videos I added on Oct 10th. There are lots videos to enjoy with the woodbaby puppets and now drabbits too. Here is the link to my channel:

As far as sewing I have decided to work on a french hood while roleplaying tonight over skype. Its going to be a interesting with the plans I came up with while sleeping last night. I get some great dream dress inspiration from time to time. Will post more when I get things done and some pictures of my work.



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here are the Dresses for Sale with Pictures

Hi all,
I deciding to make it easier on you all to see the dresses I have for sale and if you are interested in purchasing one just email me,

Silver bodice is 35 inch waist and 38 inch bust so yeah larger than I thought. This has a matching silver skirt with a 42 inch length on the skirt from the waist band. SOLD

Green cotton bodice is a 33 inch waist closed and 35 inch bust front the waist on the skirt is 43 inches long from the waistband, so a longer skirt also.

Blue and green bodice is 35 inc bust and 29 waist, so that would be tighter fitting depending on how much space you want to allow in the front.

This is a wool peasant dress and is lined with linen and has a side back hook and eye closure, measurements are 34 bust and 30 waist. Inch or two left in the shirt to leave room for weight fluctuations. This is in Olive Green and Jet black(pictured) . BOTH SOLD

Hope you enjoyed look at them they are 20.00 each set and 15.00 for the blue green bodice by itself.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hats hats and more hats

Well after do lots of interesting things with the kids at Mountain Confederation Ladies Event, sock puppets, masks, foam sword playtime, candy and coloring of course. Its was a success and wouldn't be possible with out the help of the parents .

Though off the event topic, I wanted to make a post about my hats I made recently. I just completed a French Hood with an embroidered hair bag on the back which matches my blue dress with embroidery. Of course also my Elizabethan riding hat I made for the Renaissance Faire here in Pennsylvania. Posting some photos of them and more sewing projects in my future. Just as steady as the rainy weather we have been going through over the past month. The rain will end, my passion for sewing, embroidery and costume will not ;-)

Though the next renaissance event I will be going to is Fabric Fiber and Fighting out near Lamar Pa. I have to say its been a hatting good time lately for me and been very happy with the results so far. I know I have more to make one more, since there is one French hood I want to make for my purple Velvet gown. I hope to have that complete before next month, here is to wishing and hoping. Guess its time to have a sewing marathon night soon ;-)

In the mean time I completed alot of household mending for my fiance and am very happy to at least get something small completed beside my french hood as of late. Though I really should get cracking on my left Elizabethan glove, and three gowns I want to complete. Though I have a feeling to make it all is going to take some major time. Here's to hard work, and not putting my finger through the sewing machine again! Ruined my nail it pulled back really far and had to be cut short, looks like crap compared to my other nails. Hope it grows back out soon.

Well that is about it on the sewing front, working on the wedding too have all locations narrowed down and payments established. Woo hoo progress on the getting hitched front!

Its been a cold and rainy weekend and looking forward to the warmer weather and sunshine with drying out that was promised by the weather man on Friday. Guess I should see if there are any changes.

Make it a great one,


Friday, September 30, 2011

4 Tudor Gowns For Sale

Hi I have 4 Tudor over-gowns for sale for a100.00 each. These are the same lovely ones you see on my blog page right here, no accessories though with these sales just the gown. Enjoy a lovely Tudor Reproduction gown for yourself, made to the measurements of 34 bust, 29 waist, and free in the hips.

Here is the link to the sale on Etsy:

Please help me reach my wedding goals and sell these to pay for my wedding reception. Make a bride happy and by a gown today!



P.S. I have all my other gowns for sale from earlier today are still available too, contact me via email if you are interested.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dresses Auctions Ending Soon

Hi all,
I relisted all my costume gowns on Ebay and here are the links to look, these are at bargain prices and I am willing to ship international. Just contact me to get your shipping quote for your country. If there are any questions please let me know. All proceeds help pay for my April 2012 wedding, make a bride happy and buy a gown today.


Green Tudor/Irish Renaissance Over Gown

Blue Velvet German Gown

Italian Peach and Black Velvet Gown

Silver Bodice and Skirt Outfit

Black or Green Wool Overdress

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Renaissance Dresses Still for Sale

My Readers,
Just wanted to remind folks, if you are interetsted in my gowns I had listed on Ebay. Though the auctions have ended, only one has sold. The lace Tea Dress is no longer available. All SCA Renaissance Halloween Gowns are still available for the same low affordable prices. Please email me if you are interested at I am willing to combine shipping for any of my gowns to make a better deal for you.

If you like what you read feel free to follow my blog by email or through and any questions feel free to ask. All proceeds of sale goes toward my April 23, 2012 help me reach my goal for a beautiful wedding.

Thanks for your patronage,


Monday, September 26, 2011

Lots of fun at Pennsylvania Renassaince Faire

Well yesterday was like running a Renaissance marathon of sorts. Got up about 8am which is sleeping in for me and I got dressed in my fancy outfit. Figured out how to do an Elizabethan hair style just in time. It made me happy for once, my curly hair the body to kee[ in place all day without hair spray:-D

Stayed up late the night before though I had all my preparations and outfits all done in advance despite the finger injury.(See my last post for details on that)

Got dressed and out the door by 9ish and on the way, we got there by noon. Took some back roads part of the way and I thought I was going to get ill. For some reason sitting in the back makes me car sick though, when we hit the highway I did alot better.

As soon as we showed our discount coupons, paid and entered we headed for the gaming area. It was nice nice tree covered the section with Archery, gun range, and all sorts of "try me" medieval games. We didn't get to this part last year and it was lots of fun to see the rest of the faire as it was last year. Decked out in our Renaissance finest: Jason our long time friend and driver for the trip wore a kilt and shirt, which I made. Justin my fiance looking dashing in his matching outfit, which I made. I in my 1570's finest strolled though the park, getting lots of complements along the way. Though I find it interesting I got three complements in a row on my Tudor rose purse. I am thinking I might need to make a few for sale since there was quite alot of fuss over the idea.

The weather was a really nice balmy but slightly humid morning. I wish I had made lighter sleeves for this gown, though I was thinking it was going to be cooler by the end of September. Though at this point its a bonus on our heating for the winter so I don't mind the Indian Summer we seem to be having.

We saw the Falconry demonstration, the man have 5 lovely birds being a selection of hawks, falcons, and a buzzard. They had interesting personality and of course loved looking around. We saw a knife throwing show, the Sirens of Sin singing group, Tartanic Scottish pipe and drum group, Greyhound enclosure, Human Chess Game, and much more. On the way to the falconry demo, I picked up my drabbit at Imaginarium Galleries. Her name is Ruby and joins the family of gem named Drabbits I have at home. I hope to get some of the photos my friends took of me and our lot to give you an idea of the day.

My big purchase was my drabbit, though I also got a lovely metallic lace-like Mask, and a Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire T-shirt. I was looking at feathers for a new hat or just a new lip for variety but too expensive for what they were. Justin bought himself and nice leather studded sporan; which is a Scottish leather pouch. With Leather and brass buckled belt, a leather bottle holder with Blue glass rubber stopped bottle of drink he bought earlier, and a nice short sword with leather and metal finding scabbard. So he had a really nice year this year since we saved money for this year compared to last. I can tell he really enjoyed himself. Jason got a sporan pouch, some wooden shot glasses and two pewter necklaces. So all in all we got some RenFaire treasure and had a really nice time.

Well will post photos later as they come,


Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Suffer for My Art

Oh I had an accident last night. I impaled my finger in my sewing machine, as you can imagine it hurt. I pierced my left pointer finger twice through the finger nail and through the other side. I had to push the needle that broke in my finger out the other side. That really hurt, but didn't bleed much, I washed it, put Neosporin with pain relief and a band aid for an hour or so. Today the finger tip is slightly swollen, bruised, and the finger nail looks aweful. Its strange it hurts more around the edges than on the site. When I put pressure it hurts and sometime throbs on its own. The area on the pad of the finger tips where it punctured through is numb hope it stays that way for a while. This is not the first time I have done something like this, just feel so stupid for doing something so idiotic.

I do have lots of sewing to complete too, the timing is all wrong of course for my injury. I am almost done with Justin's Blue Jerkin, needs a collar. Almost done with the sewing for the Renaissance Faire on Sunday. I got my friends shirt done, and it fit beautifully. It will match up well with his kilt. Right now I have a hat that is in progress for my gown, but I am hot gluing alot of it right now for time and because of my injury. Though I know it will look smashing and will stay put very well. Well that is all for now on the sewing front.

I am looking for a drabbit at the faire, I want to find a lovely red one if possible. Guess we will see what is available at the stand. Well got to get back to finishing all these sewing projects before I go home today.

Feel free to leave comments, love to hear from my readers.



Monday, September 19, 2011

New Listings Done Just Now

Well I have a few more listings for costumes that some ladies may be interested in. Keep in mind I do ship International I just need to find pricing for your location. Here are the new additions.

SCA Italian Portrait Gown:

SCA German Style Gown:

Hunter Green Bodice and Skirt Outfit:

Good Luck I hope you win!

Costumes for Sale

Here are some costumes I have for sale on Ebay and Etsy. Please helpe me reach my goal for a fantastic wedding this coming April.

SCA Halloween Costume 100% Wool Renaissance Faire Gown

Halloween Sca Tudor Court Dress Gown

Halloween SCA Garb Bodice and Skirt Costume

SCA Tudor French Hood

SCA Custom Tudor Gown

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Custom Orders Available

Recently noticed I am getting lots of traffic from many places all over the globe. Just wanted to take some time to tell you all thank you so much for reading my blog. Please subscribe through blogger or follow by email.

Also I have been sewing for a long time, since I was in 7th grade. My standard is making Tudor gowns and accessories, though I am willing to try new things all the time. I am more than willing to try medieval or Renaissance Indian, Chinese, or other regions. It best helps having a photo of your idea, I make my own patterns so your creation is a one of a kind piece.

If you are interested in custom work made by me. Feel free to contact me via email anytime. I am more than willing to quote for costumes and other garments.

Here is a link to one of my listings:

Thanks Again,


Slowly but surely

Well not too much to update but a few small things. I sold three gowns, one Tudor court gown, and two wool Tudor peasant gowns, which is great I am trying to make room for the three planned gowns that I have in the works. I made a decision that I like to look my best when I am SCA persona. So I am getting rid of my peasant garb, its all out or nothing at all. Though I find Tudor to be pretty comfortable once I am into my gown, it just takes a while getting there. Might as well look Tudor fabulous when I can, being ready for my close up and all ;-)

These ones for sale I do not wear and are not the right sizing for me, either to start with or I changed sizes. Tudor clothing is very tailored so it has to fit just so to look correct. So that helps paying bills and wedding planning. I haven't heard from my local theater league if they are interested or not in the pictures of Renaissance outfits I sent, I am hoping they can get more use out of them.

I would love to get a custom order or two to make for Halloween for someone but doesn't look very possible, not alot of folks interested in my auctions on eBay right now. Though I understand with the economy and all. Looking for a new job, I like where I am at and the pay is ok. I have to look to the future to see what I can do. In the meantime getting things ready to roll on with the wedding planning and Fall SCA Events in my area. Working on my friend shirt, the body is done now working on the sleeves and collar. Definitely will be ready before next Saturday.

Well that's it for now,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Off Topic

I wanted to take time out of my normal topics to talk about 9/11. There are lots of personal stories out there about what happened and where you were when it all happened. Though I wanted to keep the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center simple and low key. None the less still important piece of modern American History. So I am posting a photo, its said a picture is worth a thousand words, well I feel this one is poignant. My ideas are listed below the photo.

We do not forgive those terrorists who attacked unmercifully innocent civilians.

We do not forget toil of those who fight for and protect our Freedoms.

We will remember those families who lost loved ones

in the battlefields of World Trade Center,

Pentagon, and Flight 93 tragedy.


We will never forget.

Thanks for reading,


Selling Dresses on Ebay

I am selling one of my fancier Tudor gown with accessories on Ebay for 150.00 free shipping. I also am selling 4 wool outter gowns meant for working class women they are a steal at 20.00 a piece plus shipping. Great for Halloween or Renaissance Fairs, I do ship overseas but please contact me for pricing. All proceeds go to my April 23, 2012 wedding.
Here are the links so you can see for yourself:

Tudor Gown with accessories:

Tudor workwoman overgowns in 4 colors:

Custom Tudor Gown in your choice of colors offer on etsy:
Don't forget you can follow my blog by email and throught I love to see all your lovely comments and questions so don't hesitate to contact me.


Some Drabbits for Fun

Hi all,

I found a drabbit for sale from California on Craigslist. I am hoping he arrives in the mail soon. Looks like a nice fluffy one but seems to have angry expression on his face. Since this one seems to be so blackhearted. That is how I came up with the name Obsidian Black heart of Poe. For an interesting touch I added Poe as the area he is from, for a touch of gothic feel since that seems the emotion he eminates. He reminds of the bird vulture like creatures out of the dark crystal, though more dragon vulture conbination. Must be those eyes that give him the fierce personality.

I am also looking into getting three other drabbits from a fellow in Pennsylvania, he had advertised some drabbits from before. I am looking into a purple, green, and blue ones. I posted prvious pics of these characters but its good to show again so you know what I mean. These are all large drabbits, I feel lucky finding such nice ones for a good price and the man is nice enough to hold them for me.

As soon as I finish selling somethings on ebay, then I would be happy to buy the other three. I am not sure if I want to buy a red one at the Pa Renaissance Faire, it all depends if I can find one I like, guess we will see. Well that is all for now working in hats and we will see if I get them close enough to post photos.



P.S. Sold a dress and can get all three :-D excited as all get out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Things Done, Finally!

Well being productive this week so far, I was able to finish my book about Mary Queen of Scots. It ends sadly of course though happy they way they finished it off with pazazz and talking about how her death effected the course of history, all very intersting. Hoping it doesn't take me another three years to finish off my other books I just purchased;-) I am starting the three book series on the Legend of the Guardians: Owl of Gahoole. I love the movie so I want to try the books. Yes more youth level reading but I love being able to get a good story and plow through it. Harry Potter was a complex enough story and world to keep my interest, hope this is the same. I was also told the Eragon Dragon series is pretty good too, that will be after my owl books though. I have had alot of adult reading so something soothing on the brain certianly helps. My Owl series is another thick book but this is a omnibus of three books so it will take some time. Just wanting to read something else other than renaissance history for variety sake. I found there can be such a thing as history overload, shockingly.

Off the topic note, I was able to make two decks for my Legend of the Five Rings Card game at home. Revamped my exhisting Mantis deck to be a Raid effect deck and made the other to be my Tsruchi Archer deck, all very cool and these are diamond editon. I have to make a Nezumi deck, which are humaniod rats and a Phoenix deck which are elemental magic users these are gold edition. The editions have to be kept separte though there are transition cards that can be used with both. I have two unicorn decks one gold one diamond editions and looking into a third possibly. Still have to find something to do with my Lous edition L5R yet have 20 booster packs and two premade decks, though this may take some time.

On a garb note I have taken the time to start my light blue french hood, looking nice so far, I have to attach the front and back pieces, sew on the veil, bead and trim it too. I am also looking to start a mens renaissance shirt on Thursday, so smaller projects. Tip toeing into my two Tudor gowns, though the suspense is killing me about getting them started;-) If the vision in my head is as beautiful as they turn out, I will be one very happy lady.

Well got to go,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

30 days hath September

September already and I have finally collected all the parts to make my two Tudor gowns. I was able to pick up two upholstery fabrics from my local thrift shop for 5.00 for the whole roll, each roll looks to have 3 to 4 yards each. They are beautiful textural brocades one that has 3-D oval scallops in off white. The other has Jacobean flowers in gold with a tan and white back drop that has a 3-D effect too. They just feel so nice, I know they will make fabulous Tudor items like underskirts, foresleeves, French and Gabled hoods. They were a steal at that price!

I am debating on getting more purple velvet for my one gown since the fabric is only 45 inches wide, I like 60"fabric better. I have 4 yards but an thinking of getting 4 more yards to be certain to have enough bulk for the overskirt. Though I did find the original seller on Ebay and I added to my favorite sellers list, found in my feedback listings that I bought from this person twice. Love the fabrics I bought just gorgeous.

Mentioned already in another post that I got the fur for the sleeves in the mail, love it so much! I know that these gowns will be very texture heavy. Though I believe that the Tudors would have done this too, since some boldness would have shown their wealth, power, and high position through their clothing. It is just going to take some time to get these done. Though first I am going to get my friends renaissance shirt started. Will only take me a few days to complete.I hope to get that at least started if not done on Thursday when I have off, its good to have goals.

Well I hope to start on these and possibly make some progress to report. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend, I am working but its not all that bad. Some sewing progress will be made ;-) Feel free to leave comments and suggestions anytime.

Talk to you all soon,


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ahhhhaha! More books

Well I went to Borders and found the last of the books I wanted to purchase. I know I said I was done with buying more books, but I wasn't expecting to find the titles I did still in the store. Most things are 50 to 60% off the original retail price. As expected things are picked over, but luckily the topics I like are one not alot of other folks like to read, mainly Tudor history and fiction. I got 4 books for $30. That is only about $7 a book, not too shabby if I do say so myself.

So I have one on Anne Boleyn and her daughter Elizabeth, one on Catherine De Medici for good measure to keep and eye on the French, and for good measure William and Kate to represent the modern monarchy. Way more reading that I can get done in a year but I shouldn't be complaining about being bored. If I do remind of the stack of period books I have yet to dive into :-) Friendly reminders are important.

So many books and so little time to read them all, the story of my life.

Curl up with a good read,


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Curiosity has Killed The Cat ;-)

I am curious to see what questions my readers have about my me, my topics, and other miscellaneous thoughts? The question forum is open, please leave a comment or message with a question. I will do my best to check everyday and answer in a timely manner.

I want to know more about you the reader. What interests you in my blog, ideas on future topics, and if you have a question about me. I ask since I am opening up to questions to please keep them appropriate for an all ages audience.

These will help keep the blog fresh with ideas and let me know what you all want to read about, besides my craft projects and reading books;-) I am looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you, who enjoys my blog. Feel free to follow me anytime, I like to see all your emails comments and such on my list.

Thanks again,


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Its a Good Day When You Get Fabric In The Mail.

I was delighted to receive my faux ermine fabric yesterday from the UPS man. Happen to be coming home from the gym and was no expecting my package so fast and such a large package. I had to ask myself what on earth did I buy that was needing such a large package, then it hit me that it was the 60 inch wide 2 yards of fur that I have been dreaming about for the past two months.

I have looked at Joann Fabrics for a faux fur like this, they have lots of lovely shag but nothing that looks like ermine. Way too much Zebra, Cheetah, Tiger, and other foreign prints for me to even try to validate that type of fur sleeve on a Tudor gown. Though I may be able to get away with a cool gray and white leopard print but that would be stretching the boundaries to the brink of costuming decency;-) Though I may have to look into what would be considered exotic and would it be used in court at this time. I know the Southern Russian mountains in modern Mongolia were distantly known as an exotic place at the time. Though I am not sure if a leopard fur would have been traded that far west in England, probably to the elite only is my guess. I know it would look smashing for sure with a Tudor gown but I want to be correct. It will take a bit of research to see.

In the meantime I will have loads of fun with my faux Ermine, its just as gores as the photos I have posted, against black and royal purple velvet for two gowns this will be awesome. Well this all the sewing news for now.

Thanks for Reading,




Tudor Q and A

What is a Tudorosity?

A mashed combination of the words Tudor and Curiosity to create the word Tudorosity. Tudorosities is the plural form and the deffinition is as follows.

Tudorosity- an desire to learn or know anything about the Tudor dynasty assocated with years 1405 through 1603.

Most people ask my why I make the Tudor garb ?

I find the clothing of this era not only beautiful but also challenging to sew. There is much more care and purpose put into making garments and wearing garments in the Tudor Era. I love the look of Tudor so much I wanted to explore the way clothes were made back then and the subtle changes in fashion and styles of time.

How did you get started in this interesting hobby?

I started with art first, I love to draw, paint, and sculpt all the traditional fine arts. So being able to draw helps me visualize the looks I want to create in my garb. History has always been a huge interest of mine and I've had a knack for sewing since I was 6 years old. It all started with doll clothes and I learned cross stitch embroidery from my grandmother when I was little. I am self taught sewer, crochet, knitting, embroidery and tatting. My methods are learned from books mainly and there is still so much more to learn.

What is my favorite outfit and why?

It would be like picking a favorite out of one of my future children, its impossible. I love all my gown creations and really like the distinct differences in all the styles clothing I make for the Tudor Era.

Do you make the whole outfit including hat, shoes, and undergarments?

I do have a goal of making a complete Tudor from the skin out. As of right now I make 80% of my gowns and accessories. The shoes, corset, stockings, and petticoats are bought online and the petticoats are a close reproduction but not made by me. Though someday I plan on making a reed corset and petticoat to wear under my gowns, as well as other accessories.

How long does it take to make a gown?

It all depends on the type of gown I plan on making and the time period and class of the design. Generally if I work on it 8 hours a day on a sewing machine it will take 3 days to get the basics and another 5 days to do finish hand-sewing details and beading. So a week to a week and a half if working on it steady for that amount of time. I work a full-time job so it does take longer than a week to complete. I put over 40-100 hours per outfit depending on its complexity, its like its own full time job of sorts.

Do you make renaissance clothing for sale or custom orders?

No, due to new employment and changes in my lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have no time to support sewing for others. Though I recommend sewing lessons for those adventurous few. There are many fine folks who make and sell historical clothing. I suggest guidance with sew from many fine historical enthusiastic costumers out on the internet.

How long have you been making these elaborate costumes?

I have been in the Society of Creative Anachronism coming up on my 10th year. Active since 2004 working at demonstrations and volunteering when I could between working and other life's distractions. I really concentrated on Tudor sewing in 2007 and worked with patterns to learn proper fabrics, techniques, fit, and silhouette. I really enjoy the eras transition from a medieval form fitting layered cotterdie to the boned Tudor kirtle and then to structured Elizabethan clothing.

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Lady Willoughby

Lady Willoughby

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Peach Elizabethan Noble

Peach Elizabethan Noble

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Mauve Waistcoat Elizabethan Gown

Mauve Waistcoat Elizabethan Gown

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

O'Cadhla Heraldry

O'Cadhla Heraldry

Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England