Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peachy Gown Pictures- In Progress

Well the bodice is done, except for stuffing the slashes in the sleeves with white silk, oh my its looking nice. It fits without a corset, so I am really interested in seeing how it will look with a proper corset. I have to place hook and eyes for right fit yet, that is why you see safety pins for now.

The skirt is hemmed and trim pinned on, now the sew it down and pleat, oh the joy. Wanted to show how it looks with a chemise to fill in the sleeves for now so you can get a taste of what is yet to come. Still have one embroidered shirt to do yet, that is going to take some major time, though its going to look just like the painting when done, its the icing on the cake.

On a reading note, three chapters away from finishing the first space marines saga, yay! still have lots more to do to get the next book done so I can get a background on my character. Really good reading a historical fiction at work and the space marines at home, wow two books at once. Its a miracle, I never read this much. Thanks Justin for being a reading inspiration, he strives for me to be well rounded what can I say ;-)

On a pet note, Tabbetha is recovering from her spay surgery last Thursday. She has the "cone of shame" to keep her from picking her stitches. She was ok the first night but really was licking and started tugging on her wound, so instead of a visit to the emergency vet for chewed stitches and leakiness. I was proactive and took her back to the vet the next day on Friday. Had her looked at, which they mentioned the stitches will hold an set her for a cone collar. The scab is about ready to peel, I know she is super itchy. Though the stitches are loose and probably will fall out here soon. So here is to hoping, Jasper has been a pins and needles around her especially when she got home. He was super concerned I could tell he missed her and was sad she was ouchy. Funny how he doesn't like to be without her, and its only been three months. Glad they get along so well.

Received at Token at my local shire 12th night, a feather for Arts and Sciences excellence. I wasn't able to attend due to work. Alas I will get it at February's shire meeting, though its been wonderful to be recognized. Alas its time for reading and bed.

Dreaming of the next awesome Gowns,

Lady Mairin

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lady Mairin O'Cadhla's Elizabethan Gowns Teaser

I have an idea for another Youtube video, as soon as I finish making more Elizabethan Gowns I can complete another picture slide show set to music for all your viewing enjoyment. Though I have a feeling that it won't be complete till Fall 2012. Something to look forward to this year.

For now here is a 30 second teaser for you to think about:


Speaking of Elizabethan Gowns, I am making some room in my garb trunks by selling two velvet gowns, more information in my previous post. Also looking on thinning my jewelry since there are only a few selections I wear often, I am reducing my collection to just my favorites. So look for some awesome Renaissance Tudor jewelry sales and pictures to be forthcoming.

Progress, oh yes there has been wonderful progress on my Peach Elizabethan gown. I am almost finished with the bodice, just have to sew sleeves, stuff sleeves and work on hemming and pleating the skirt before embellishing it. So lots done but still lots to do, super excited how it looks very close to the painting with some creative but tasteful differences. Can't wait for the shirt to be done to get the whole effect, but all in good time.

Back to progress,

Lady Mairin

Tudor Gowns For Sale to Support My Wedding

I have two tudor gowns I am selling to make some cash to help pay for our wedding cake and fiance's tuxes. I am selling my blue velvet Tudor and green velvet Tudor gowns. For $200 each

They have been worn both once and are in excellent shape. They are tailored to fit a 34 bust 29 waist and free in the hips, the polyester velvet fabric does have some stretch, so they will fit larger sizes by 3 inches. There is boning on the inside to give support though suggested a corset to wear underneath for proper support. The sale is just for the outter gown only not the accessories or underpinnings.

The gowns are done in the Tudor Tailor pattern, so there is a lacing section with a stomacher that pins off to one side, so really accurate in the pattern.

email me if interested: butterfly164_2002@yahoo.com I have a 332 seller rating, 100% positive feedback on eBay since 2004, I don't mess around with orders and communication during the whole process is very important to me. I have PayPal and only accept PayPal.

Oh here is my etsy link for the auction:

Hope they sell,


Friday, January 20, 2012