Thursday, April 26, 2012

Living Life with Passion

Well we finally took the plunge as the old saying goes. Despite the unseasonably cold wet weather I couldn't ask for a better day. As always life kept, a few snags with our scheduling all day and kept up perpetually late by 15 min. So the pictures of my Matron of Honor April Whistler and I before the ceremony were cut out since we were trying to catch up and be ready on time.  Though I am happy we weren't late for the ceremony, and most issues ironed themselves out by the end of the day. I have been calling it the perfect intimate classy affair, it had its touches of royal wedding for fun. Justin and  I couldn't be happier with how it all came together to be the best day of the rest of our lives. We had 29 people attend the wedding and reception.

Our coworkers surprised us much with congratulations, gifts and cards that we didn't expect when we returned on Wednesday. Though we are happy to know we are much thought about with respect and warm thoughts by those we work with on a daily basis. I want to post a large photo of us for folks to look at, got lots of requests for pictures.

The pastor that officiated our ceremony, charged us to live life with passion. I have to say we have been doing well with that charge even before we wed. Though I feel very renewed with my commitment and ready to take life by the horns. I know we can make our dreams come true together, with a little drive and luck I have no doubts it will be an interesting journey.

 I wanted to achieve the look of a gorgeous noble bride for my Justin, which with the look on his face when I met him at the end of the isle. I believe I achieved my goal, Justin was one handsome groom for sure and the ceremony reminded me of the formal personalized event, we were looking for. Right now thinking that it was only Monday and only been married for 3 days so far. It feels so far away or like a daydream it went so well. It was just the way I imagined it when I heard our song on the car radio those many years ago. The day we both pictured at the same time dancing to it on our wedding day, that was the day I knew I wanted to marry him.

The pictures are ready finally have to pick them up. I will give a small Wedding Gallery for folks to enjoy soon. After talking about this for more than a year, its time to give you all a reward for your patience. In the process of changing my last name, which is a delight but a paperwork pain.  Well for tonight I will call it and post the photos tomorrow.

Happily The New Mrs. Plotts,


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Custom Orders and Garb Sale!!!!!!!!

Tell all your friends and shout it from the roof tops!!!!!! I have some awesome sales though Ebay and list for the past week or so.  If you are interested purchasing off the auction, please let me know I am willing to negotiate off site sales. Prices are set as they are these are the lowest I can except for the gowns with all the hard work put in and attention to detail put into each one. There is also a few custom order auctions as well that are really awesome if you see something and want it in your own color or slightly different style. Look at all the lovely link below for information any questions feel free to email me or message though the site.

Thanks and Happy Buying,


Ebay Listings:

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Its The Final Countdown!!!!!

Its The Final Countdown

Yeah I got the song stuck in my head, got to love 80's Rock, though totally appropriate title for this post. Link is above so you can join me in having a song stuck in your mind all day, lol. Well its one day left till the special day, so yes we are in the final days of singledom. Which is fine with me, I have a few quiet evenings to reflect and craft myself into oblivion, lol. Last mintue sewing and such for my gown and my Matron of Honors too. Gotta love sewing down to the wire before the big day.

 I have yet to finish the birdseed tulle baggies for after the ceremony. I have lots of sparkely white tulle fabric so its not like I am going to run out. I plan on tying them off with ribbon and calling it good...Well I have theories on what I am going to do and such. My maid of honor needs her dress taken in a little, so I am going to her place to get that done and visit tonight. Though the groom is working in the afternoon, which is good.  I can pick up Justins tux too, so many good reasons for a visit with April.

Last night the gaming gang went out for Justin's Stag/Bachelor Party. I worked on wedding things at home and had a gloriously quiet evening. Though I went to the gym and swam for an hour, it was relaxing and good exercise. Then got supper and started some sewing. I finished the gold trim on my blue gown, it was more tedious than I expected. Though its on there now. Tonights sewing I am going to add the while puffs to the edge of the sleeves, I have some ideas for pearls too on the sleeves, ooo pretty!

Justin is working this afternoon and is now home recovering from his party. hHe didn't get in till 3am so I am letting him sleep; must have had fun. I am not in a mood for a bachelorette party really. I like things low key the only high drama things I like do is make are my costumes. After all it's haute fashion: 16th century style  ;-) So one thing left to do on the wedding craft list and pretty stress free. Not as I expected to be feeling right now, but I will take it!

I have two boxes separated one for ceremony and one for reception so that is done. I am gathering my personal affects for a sleep over on Sunday after rehearsal dinner. So everything will be transported with me; Wedding gown and all its ecourtrements, ceremony box and reception box. April and I am doing all the set up so we are getting up early to get things around. So I am working on packing slowly so I don't forget anything. If I have time I am going to shape my eyebrows and figure out my hair tonight. So small things on the list tonight but more beauty related.

By the way this is my 100th post, I would like to thank all of you who follow my blog for your support. Writing about my passions, interests, showing my gowns and crafts, sharing my hobby and life with you has been a blessing. Please tell your friends and family who many have an interest in historical costuming about my little corner of the web. I am here to help and teach others besides documenting the construction of my many arts and crafts.

May you all be blessed,


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sneak Peek

Thought I would give you all a nice peek of one of the gowns I finished decorating. A before decoration pic from the sale and two pics of after. This gown has a linen top and a silk skirt, the seller was great in matching the texture and colors up that you don't know a difference unless you touch the fabric.  I think there is definitely an improvement with the decoration. I love the gold trim decoration with white velvet ribbon in the middle, brightens it up. The fur in the sleeves is just genius and the beads really finished it off with a distinguished touch. Have one more small good piece of ermine fur, and I will have to figure out how I will use it well. I am working on the navy blue gown now I have lots of puff plans for this one, oh its so pretty and going to be so much more lovely when done.

Had to do something with my hair, so I just wore my black velvet french hood to keep it looking some what Renaissance-like, though this hat is too early compared to the gown.  I will have to look into more elizabethan hats ;-) I have ideas but will have to find ways of putting them in use. Oh hoop skirts rock, so much easier to move in compared to petticoats all over the place under my gown, yeah new fan of the hoops or should I say farthingale;-)

Found an old movie called Le Princess de Cleves made in 1961, its all in french and can't find a translation to English. Its all about the French court in the 16th century. Has a wonderfully dressed class of actors and the enormous scale of old films with elaborately dressed cast of extras, which I wish was in color and not black and white. Though the texture of all the lovely garb can be seen through the silver screen presentation. What a wonderful depiction of a young vibrant Mary Queen of Scots newly married to the French Dauphin. The actress really looked just like the Clouet drawings and paintings of the time, wow just wow!  Will have to look into this and some more costume drama films, I have a wide range already but always happy to see more on MQS.

I hope to post more as they come and this is just the start to getting the pictures for the Elizabethan Gown slide show, really excited. Also the wedding is only 8 days away so its going to be a hectic week, though really excited. Will post pics of the day too so stay tuned.

Oh one Blue Velvet Tudor gown sold, hope the other Green Tudor and Silver Tudor Gowns do too could really use the funds to pad things. Just will make life easier. I have a load of books that need to be gone, need to make room for all my lovely books on costuming on my shelf ;-) I have some old garb that no longer fits that has to be listed also, so have a few things to do before bed. Going to get back to some stitchery.

Not going to be a Ms. not more,


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pre Wedding Sale Tudor Gowns Are Posted

I need to make some space in my garb trunks for the news gowns. Also have plans to remake these in better materials so I am offering Tudor Overgowns for special prices to also get some cash before the wedding. Here are the links to the auctions for custom and premade gowns.

Hope to get some lovely buyers.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

So Many Elizabethan So Little Time

Found more Elizabethan gowns on ebay and purchased the two above. These will be decorated with trim, ribbon, beads, and such.  I am almost done decorating the first gown from my previous purchase, I have to get some more bead caps.  Having lots of fun decorating these and looking forward to seeing how these turn out. I am really please these are silk also, I tested the previous gowns and they are real silk.

No progress made on my embroidery since I have been working on the gowns instead. Though I should be get to the last bit of crewel embroidery for my gloves. Certainly will need them with accessorizing the new gowns.

I am considering cleaning out three Tudor gowns out of my garb, two I am reamaking with better quality velvet and the one doesn't fit proper and I don't wear the color. Now neeing space for lovely silk Elizabethan gowns, this will help emensely. Putting them on Ebay on Monday with some books, jewelry, that I no longer need.

Ended up cleaning out some of my fabric stash and found some smelling like cat pee, so I had to throw it out.  Though that does happen and I know its not my cats who are doing it. Its older fabric from when I had another cat that did mark and got on the fabric. Guess that proves time won't get rid of the smell.

Work related note, got officer of the month for Decemebr 2011, found out in the regional quarterly report. Will be using my day off to its fullest with sewing.

Well back to planning decorating for the new gowns, and working on the ones I have at home.

Lady Mairin



Tudor Q and A

What is a Tudorosity?

A mashed combination of the words Tudor and Curiosity to create the word Tudorosity. Tudorosities is the plural form and the deffinition is as follows.

Tudorosity- an desire to learn or know anything about the Tudor dynasty assocated with years 1405 through 1603.

Most people ask my why I make the Tudor garb ?

I find the clothing of this era not only beautiful but also challenging to sew. There is much more care and purpose put into making garments and wearing garments in the Tudor Era. I love the look of Tudor so much I wanted to explore the way clothes were made back then and the subtle changes in fashion and styles of time.

How did you get started in this interesting hobby?

I started with art first, I love to draw, paint, and sculpt all the traditional fine arts. So being able to draw helps me visualize the looks I want to create in my garb. History has always been a huge interest of mine and I've had a knack for sewing since I was 6 years old. It all started with doll clothes and I learned cross stitch embroidery from my grandmother when I was little. I am self taught sewer, crochet, knitting, embroidery and tatting. My methods are learned from books mainly and there is still so much more to learn.

What is my favorite outfit and why?

It would be like picking a favorite out of one of my future children, its impossible. I love all my gown creations and really like the distinct differences in all the styles clothing I make for the Tudor Era.

Do you make the whole outfit including hat, shoes, and undergarments?

I do have a goal of making a complete Tudor from the skin out. As of right now I make 80% of my gowns and accessories. The shoes, corset, stockings, and petticoats are bought online and the petticoats are a close reproduction but not made by me. Though someday I plan on making a reed corset and petticoat to wear under my gowns, as well as other accessories.

How long does it take to make a gown?

It all depends on the type of gown I plan on making and the time period and class of the design. Generally if I work on it 8 hours a day on a sewing machine it will take 3 days to get the basics and another 5 days to do finish hand-sewing details and beading. So a week to a week and a half if working on it steady for that amount of time. I work a full-time job so it does take longer than a week to complete. I put over 40-100 hours per outfit depending on its complexity, its like its own full time job of sorts.

Do you make renaissance clothing for sale or custom orders?

No, due to new employment and changes in my lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have no time to support sewing for others. Though I recommend sewing lessons for those adventurous few. There are many fine folks who make and sell historical clothing. I suggest guidance with sew from many fine historical enthusiastic costumers out on the internet.

How long have you been making these elaborate costumes?

I have been in the Society of Creative Anachronism coming up on my 10th year. Active since 2004 working at demonstrations and volunteering when I could between working and other life's distractions. I really concentrated on Tudor sewing in 2007 and worked with patterns to learn proper fabrics, techniques, fit, and silhouette. I really enjoy the eras transition from a medieval form fitting layered cotterdie to the boned Tudor kirtle and then to structured Elizabethan clothing.

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Lady Willoughby

Lady Willoughby

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Peach Elizabethan Noble

Peach Elizabethan Noble

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Mauve Waistcoat Elizabethan Gown

Mauve Waistcoat Elizabethan Gown

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

O'Cadhla Heraldry

O'Cadhla Heraldry

Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England