Monday, August 27, 2012

Sharing Progress with Embroidery

Well I finally stared working up the embroidery. I decided not to make a repeating pattern of florals on this Elizabethan Embroidered jacket. I want to really have fun and keep it random with as many flowers, berries, nuts, and insects as I can concoct. Considering putting a praying mantis at the top of this as well as caterpillars and butterflies all over. I do have peacocks on the bottom but not sure if I want to add any other birds to this garden. We will see how it all goes, want it to be very original and garden-like.

Since i took this photo the empty spot at the middle bottom is transforming into a pomegranate, a strawberry leaf near the strawberry blossom, small oak leaf near the acorn, and berries near the holly leaf. I am going to make sure my shapes are going to fit in the space, though its going to be a challenge. Though I am up for that anytime.

Well back to it,


Monday, August 20, 2012

Goldwork, Embroidery and Elizabethans

Well I have made a major amount of progress over the past few days with the Elizabethan/ Jacobean Embroidered Jacket.  Which is thrilling to see the project just take shape before me. I have the collar and shoulder tabs completed including lining, I also have the all the embroidery on all the gores done, I will have to line jacket from the natural waist down to the bottom edge but have fabric set aside for that when it is assembled.

The goldwork to set on the on the other half of a front panel, that's it as far as goldwork on this project. I expect with time I have, the goldwork will be done today. The Elizabethan flowers will be a chore, though i think they will be fun to do but time consuming. So yes getting all the floral work done will be easier said then done. The back panel and sleeves are ready for embroidery. I will have to take photos of all my progress, so far.

After the large majority of flowers done on all pattern pieces, it will be time to assemble the garment, then line it with linen and half satin on some edges, set the lace trim on all edges and pearl in shell accents and other finishing touches.

 I am really pleased with all my progress, though with my choice for design mainly the peacock it looks very eastern inspired, which is not what I wanted to do but I am hoping that the flowers, fruit, and insects will make it look more english and garden like, so I am considering my choices very carefully. Here is to lots of luck with this project, I will need it. Wonder if I can get this done for renaissance faire later this month, that may be too ambitious. Though it would be fun



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making This Blog Better, Q&A

Lovely Readers and Visitors,

I have had lots of lovely compliments on this blog since I started it back in 2010. Though I want to keep it fresh and new for everyones's enjoyment. So I have a few questions for you the readers, that I would love some feedback. This will help me with continue to produce quality posts for all to admire.

Are there topics you are interested in me making posts about?

What can I do to improve this little corner of the web?

Are there any topics you would like to see in more detail.

If there is any question I may have forgot please conact me, I am interested in hearing from you the reader. Please email me with ideas or questions at Thanks for all your support over the years.


Lady Mairin

Monday, August 13, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

Well despite having moments of frustration with many errands, I had a good weekend.  Making good progress on my Elizabethan/Jacobean embroidered jacket project this weekend kept me happy. Didn't do that hot in the magic tournament, though my jacket being a pleasant distraction kept me happy.  Still have mowing to do but that is my after work goal today beside making dinner and possibly more work on this project.

On Saturday while the laundry was being done at 6am, I had a revelation! My raw edge of silk is getting so bad that if I soon didn't cut my pattern and bind the edges, there would be no pattern left on certain pieces. I cut out the pattern pieces while clothes commenced to drying. After cutting them carefully arranged them so I could sew the binding and not cause any further damage.

With the fragile in mind, I knew the binding needed to be done soon, if not that day.  So I went right home after getting all the laundry wash, dried and folded. Then worked until I picked up Justin from work on binding, which I was able to complete with haste. Which the binding in combination with my layout for embroidery turned out really nice!  I had dewired the ribbon I chose last week and it was ready for use. I am super excited to see it done now that I feel that I am so much closer than before on this project.

Though cutting before goldwork was less than 3/4 way done, was a tough decision. I knew something had to be done, sooner rather than later. At my local thrift store on Friday, I found some great pearl set in shell vintage necklace and am thinking of ways of using my little discovery to work with this current project. It is far different than the covering with gold spangles and various insects as the period jackets. Though it seems anything associated with this project is just a bit over the top and it seems to fit using these accents in an expressive way.

I am looking for shot silk, thought I could find a teal with purple. Though it doesn't seem to exist, hoping to match the trim which is the teal with purple color change. Though I would be happy with a teal with peach, though that doesn't seem to work either. Guess I will know when I find the material. My plans are to cartridge pleat it and put some coral stripes on the bottom of the skirt. They will be made of the same lining fabric that I am using for under the tabs on the waist, shoulder tabs, and collar. Debating using the same for the inner cuffs but will have to make a decision soon. The coral colored lining should look great against the teal shot with purple, going with complementary colors. Should look great regardless of the cuff decision.

So I have finished all the gold work except  for the two front panels of the jacket. That is my goal is to finish the goldwork on those this week, guess we will see how it all goes. After all the gold work, embroidery is up next. After that lining the body and sleeves with linen, and lining the other parts with the coral satin. Oh its gong to look rich, but that is the goals.

Daydreaming Embroidery,


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Videos Galore

Well, its been a busy two days off for me. I finally got the photos taken of the last three Elizabethan gowns for the video. Completed it and published to Youtube for your enjoyment, here is the link.

Lady Mairin O'Cahla's Elizabethan Gowns

Now I still have Elizabethan accessories to complete for these but wanted to show the progress none the less.  So I improvised with the headgear a little, reused jewelry of course, and found a way of hiding the modern camera with Tudor roses. Cheezy way of hiding technology, yes. Though it works really well with the garden like theme with the other clip art I used in the video. Only used one Tudor French hood as the major hat, then a pearled caul with my hair braided up and have a few pics with my hairdown just using a headband to hold it place. Not very period for a married woman but I wanted to create some variation and my hair looks nice down, though it looks a bit tangled in the photos. In the end, I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Even had time to make a teaser trailer for Late Elizabethan and Jacobean gowns that I am currently working up. Finding the embroidery that I like is Jacobean I am going to do some representative gowns that will include the late Elizabethan gown I gushed about a few posts back. Figured if my Late Elizabethan is going to be my Piece De Resistance, I might as well throw a few other gowns in and make a later period video showing them off too.

So here is the teaser with inspiration paintings and such, here is the link

Lady Mairin O'Cadhla's Late Elizabethan Jacobean Gowns

On the embroidery front, the jacket is coming along well but have much more gold work to lay down, finshing about a pattern piece a day, soon will be able to cut out pieces bind them with edging ribbon and lining, leaving one end open so I can work the embroidery. Oh will be glorious when I am done, not the most accurate but will look stunning none the less. I love it when a good plan comes together ;-)

Well back to the embroidery or I will never get it done,


Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Many Gowns and So Little Time

Well got the pics of the last three dresses that I redecorated. Now to add them to the slide show video still have to add music and load to the internet for these. Its going to look really nice when its all done. Made a teaser for the next late Elizabethan and Jacobean gowns I am working on, its going to be good for sure. Hope to have the videos up on my YouTube account by the end of the weekend, here is to hoping.

The jacket is coming along nicely, now that I have these pics out of the way I can concentrate on getting the gold laid on the fabric on my day off tomorrow. So plans all set, going to be doing some running for hubby during the day but all in all. Should be a completely sewing day of quiet with the occasional cat interruption.

Bought some teal shot with purple ribbon, going to take a twist on the embroidered coat and use the ribbon as edging. Hope to get the gold laid, pattern pieces cut and sewn into pockets them work the embroidery and after that sew up the last edge. Here is to hoping it all turns out, have lots of good ideas with this project.

Enjoy the photos,




Tudor Q and A

What is a Tudorosity?

A mashed combination of the words Tudor and Curiosity to create the word Tudorosity. Tudorosities is the plural form and the deffinition is as follows.

Tudorosity- an desire to learn or know anything about the Tudor dynasty assocated with years 1405 through 1603.

Most people ask my why I make the Tudor garb ?

I find the clothing of this era not only beautiful but also challenging to sew. There is much more care and purpose put into making garments and wearing garments in the Tudor Era. I love the look of Tudor so much I wanted to explore the way clothes were made back then and the subtle changes in fashion and styles of time.

How did you get started in this interesting hobby?

I started with art first, I love to draw, paint, and sculpt all the traditional fine arts. So being able to draw helps me visualize the looks I want to create in my garb. History has always been a huge interest of mine and I've had a knack for sewing since I was 6 years old. It all started with doll clothes and I learned cross stitch embroidery from my grandmother when I was little. I am self taught sewer, crochet, knitting, embroidery and tatting. My methods are learned from books mainly and there is still so much more to learn.

What is my favorite outfit and why?

It would be like picking a favorite out of one of my future children, its impossible. I love all my gown creations and really like the distinct differences in all the styles clothing I make for the Tudor Era.

Do you make the whole outfit including hat, shoes, and undergarments?

I do have a goal of making a complete Tudor from the skin out. As of right now I make 80% of my gowns and accessories. The shoes, corset, stockings, and petticoats are bought online and the petticoats are a close reproduction but not made by me. Though someday I plan on making a reed corset and petticoat to wear under my gowns, as well as other accessories.

How long does it take to make a gown?

It all depends on the type of gown I plan on making and the time period and class of the design. Generally if I work on it 8 hours a day on a sewing machine it will take 3 days to get the basics and another 5 days to do finish hand-sewing details and beading. So a week to a week and a half if working on it steady for that amount of time. I work a full-time job so it does take longer than a week to complete. I put over 40-100 hours per outfit depending on its complexity, its like its own full time job of sorts.

Do you make renaissance clothing for sale or custom orders?

No, due to new employment and changes in my lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have no time to support sewing for others. Though I recommend sewing lessons for those adventurous few. There are many fine folks who make and sell historical clothing. I suggest guidance with sew from many fine historical enthusiastic costumers out on the internet.

How long have you been making these elaborate costumes?

I have been in the Society of Creative Anachronism coming up on my 10th year. Active since 2004 working at demonstrations and volunteering when I could between working and other life's distractions. I really concentrated on Tudor sewing in 2007 and worked with patterns to learn proper fabrics, techniques, fit, and silhouette. I really enjoy the eras transition from a medieval form fitting layered cotterdie to the boned Tudor kirtle and then to structured Elizabethan clothing.

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Lady Willoughby

Lady Willoughby

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Peach Elizabethan Noble

Peach Elizabethan Noble

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Mauve Waistcoat Elizabethan Gown

Mauve Waistcoat Elizabethan Gown

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

O'Cadhla Heraldry

O'Cadhla Heraldry

Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England