Thursday, July 25, 2013

Great Things Come to Those Who Wait...

Great things are coming, I could feel it in my gutt and for no reason from what I could tell. I didn't know what but I knew it was something good. I told a close friend this exact phrase in an email two weeks ago. Boy I was right! Out of the blue with no communication, I got a job offer from a pest control company for a pest technician job. My Jedi powers are stronger than I thought;-) This is the job that I will be my first salaried job. Myself will make in one year, what combined my husband and I make together at our current employment gross. So its going to be a major step up for Justin and I financially. I hope we can find something as great like this for him.

 Thrilled of course, I couldn't be more pleased and accepted the offter. I am currently working with my new boss to get my old paperwork current, filling out information for various checks and employment tests done. We are thinking that my start date will not be till the 2nd week in August depends when all the results come back. I did inform my current employer but have yet to get an official start date, so I am waiting to get that all finalized. They are appreciative of the notice so they can start looking. I hope I get some more information soon, want to get the ball rolling ASAP.

On the sewing front, I am working on the Teal and Coral Tudor gown and almost done with the outter gown its looking very close to the portrait. Bought some more boning to stiffen bodices, I am going to sew some in the Gold and White Tudor Gown too. So I really think it will give it some pizazz and definition. When they are complete with beading I will post photos and of them on here along with the Renaissance Red Velvet and Gold Brocade Gown, Renaissance Green Brocade White Velvet Gown, and the three embroidered lace cauls just completed. I hope soon I will have lots to take pictures of new gowns to make a feast for the eyes.

Speaking of gowns with the new job I will not be able to devote time to making gowns as much as before. Which it will be nice not to depend so much on gown sales to make income for the household. So any project progress will be slow for me and custom orders will take alot longer to complete. I may work 60 hour weeks being on salary with my new job so its important to focus on my new employment for now. Though custom orders are open for those interested please contact me via email

Thanks a gain to all my dedicated followers to this blog, your feedback is valuable to keep this fresh and interesting. Over 19,000 views, 16 followers, and over 190 posts later we are still going strong!


Lady Mairin

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Birthday Boy

I wanted to take some time to wish Catherine and William Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a warm congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. Its not every day a royal prince is born. Happy Birthday Your Royal Higness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. In that spirit of this day, we wish you all the very best from Muncy in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

German Saxony Gowns

Wanted to show some German Saxony Renaissance Portraits that inspire me, they may not being exactly the time and coutry my SCA persona is located, this was her adopted home. Though I love well tailored gowns, hats and hairstyles of the 1540-1550 German. I wanted to share these jewels of clothing mastery with my readers.



Lady Mairin O'Cadhla Persona Background

           Over my 8 years in the SCA, I been working on the details of my persona. Wasn't sure in the beginning what I wanted to be, other than Irish in the 16th Century. When I started I also wanted a derivitive of my legal name, I like it so much I didn't mind having a version of it for the SCA.  I find that some of the research is good to show why I do certain things for my persona. After years of reasearching Ireland when Mairin was living there from 1509 to 1530. I discovered details about the invasion of Ireland by HenryVII and knew this was away to get my persona to England. So here is the story of Mairn and her family:

            Born 1509 the border of what is now Claire and Limerick counties, Ireland. Mairin O'Cadhla is an Irish shepardess aged 21 years. Coming from a large family of Irish Shepards, she knows how to dye, wash, spin, and knit wool to make clothing and thread. Mairin was taken from all she knew, during the invasion of Ireland by the English in 1530.

 Separated from her family and thought dead from the war, Mairin was captured and kept to be sold as a servant woman. Mairin was relocated in a large ship along with many strangers with odd accents and language going back to England. She was acquired and placed in the noble household De Vere’s of Warwickshire, who were prominent in the Tudor court.

 Over time as she worked in the household, Mairin showed her skills with wool in all its forms. Growing the favor of the lady of the house, Mairin was rewarded for her patience, diligence and knowledge, which was profitable for the household. Lady De Vere was pleased, and handpicked Mairin to be taught the skills to be a lady's maid. She eventually lost some of her Irish accent as she became accustomed to her new noble home.

 In exchange for her confidences, Mairin accompanied Lady De Vere to court on several occasions for many years. While attending her lady at court, Mairin learned many fine pursuits. She was expected to be mannerly, gain knowledge, and be devout just like many a fine woman. Mairin learned: prayer and devotion to the word of God, courtly dances, embroidery, sewing, playing the lute, care of fine clothing, care of fine jeweled accessories, keeping the company of children at court and keeping cheerful company to her lady and household.

She eventually wed to fine gentleman similar to her station, to a wonderful household master of horse Lord Justin du Plott. The couple had 6 children 3 of which made it to adulthood. Her husband passed in 1558 due to a bad bout with the pocks. Mairin passed in 1560 of illness due to old age, though it is said more to be of a lonliness for her husband. Their issue Mistress Marie Patrica du Plott,  Master Thomas Larue du Plott and Master Michael Joshua du Plott.

Her eldest daughter Marie Patricia grew up in the De Vere household and also followed in the footsteps of her mother plying her knowledges to gain postion. Spending time under her mothers tutilidge as a young girl. Eventually she went to court with the household with a comission to work as a lady in waiting in the English court.  Gaining more at court Marie eventually wed to a minor noble son, a 4th son of an Duke.

Her son Thomas Larue took on the family trade with becoming a Master of Horse. To which he became known throughout as an excellent breeder of hunting horses. A hearty breed of English horse mixed with some distant lines of the stockier breeds of Irish native horses. He married similar to his station with the lute teacher from the De Vere household.

Her youngest son, Michael Joshua also stayed with the De Vere household, but chose to become a master gardner. He had apprenticed with another household of Lord Cecil and was renoun for creating complex designed knot gardens and certain varieties of fruit trees. After the apprenticeship he came back to work for the De Veres providing gardens to set off the grandness of the De Vere Manor. He also married similar to his station to a well known court lace maker and embroideress.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bon Anniversare On Oui!

 Is for Birthday! It is yet again that time of year where on turns a year older. Though every year is significant, we can only be an numerical age once in our lives. The emotional and physical are all together a different cup of tea ;o)  I am turing 30 this year, enter epic music here.Found out I share my birthday with another artist, the Dutch painter and etcher Rembrandt. One of my favorite comedians, Gabriel Inglesias, and many more artists, actors, and musicians!  Hey, creative greatness was made on this day it seems.

Though my 20's were alot of fun and a rollercoaster ride, I am glad to say things ironed out nicely. I feel full and ready to start the next decade ready to make changes in finanical obligations, career, and family in this next 10 years. I want to have a reasonably good new job for Justin and I, reasonable priced cozy moderately roomy house with a good size yard and large shed, and a would like to start a family after the first two are established. Let see if life goes according to plan, I think I heard the Lord laughing. ; -)

I did recieve some early birthday gifts, recieved season 1 and 2 of The Borgias from Justin, and bookshelves for the house that has opened up so much room in our crowded little home. We can walk through so much easier, and alot of things are up off the floor. I am happy with it all. There is still some space yet to fill on the shelves, which no doubt Justin will find ways of using. With the additional space made I was able to rearrange a few things in the sewing room. I am going to do more summer cleaning this week. Did finally get my smocking machine from Ebay. Now I can work on some aprons, smocks, and neck ruffs and wrist cuffs. So very neat little machine, can't wait to see how it all works out.  I did have a source for an overlock/serger for $25 but would have to pick it up from about an hour or so away.

Finished one of the gowns I was working on, the gold and red gown with rose accents. I also have the green and white one donet too. I have to put boneing and laceing rings in both but so far so good. Have to locate the bunch of boning I had but has seem to disappear for some reason. I have to work on the teal and coral creation starting this week. Also have some repair work for my father in law to complete too. Completed many beaded hair coverings made from lacy dresser scarves, will post pics with the gown details are done, they all sort of match which is neat.

This last month has been rough for me, family wise. I have been learning to cope with my mom's diagnosis with cancer. She has been in good spirits, but is concerned with how its all going to work out. I have been keeping touch with her via text message more than usual. She and I have been doing this for a while, and is a great way for us to touch base. I have been trying to keep her in good spirits and keep her mind off the obivous. Despite the prognosis, it was caught early and she recieved her operation to remove the areas affected. Visited yesterday, depsite being tired and tender she is doing well. Was nice to see my 3 sisters, Father, and to get in touch with them too.

So the family bit has taken wind out of my sails, some enthuisasim with some things. Though I want to be strong for my Mom and won't let it get me down. Things look good for her now, all we can do is wait and pray and hope it doesn't come back. Her type is aggressive but was caught early so the best prognosis all things considering.

Thoughtful Reflection,


Monday, July 8, 2013

AE Academy

Well other than gushing over my Sycamore Scroll, I did alot for AE Academy. I put up my doll castle for display, which barely fits in the backseat of the car. Its magnificents is too much for my little car to contain I suppose ;-)

 Had to get to the Academy site at opening time to get it and the playroom set up. Which took sometime, then trolled in. Though the castle displayed nicely and such, was able to get it back to my front bedroom all by myself at home though, its easier with two people.

A&S Display at Aethelmearc Academy
Managed to get dressed and wondering why my waist is being trudgy in this weather, which is my summertime specialty. I managed to get in my gown and looked most amply put to place, which was  challenge with sweating so much. 

I started the day with my Elizabethan jewelry course attened by 8 lovely persons. The class is inspired by the Cheapside Hoard now displayed at the British Museum in London. Gave a full color handout showing detail of pieces from the archeological at 1015am. I also explainded looking for similar motifs in costume jewerly as in the pictures.  Explained the benefits of mixing matching, price points of replicas vs costume jewels. Shared my entire jewel collection to show my adaptions in late period jewelry. It was very warmly recepted and got lovely compliments about it all day.

Tudor Doll Castle at Aethelmearc Academy
I was so happy folks liked it and was suggested to do a make and take class to make a set of earrings and necklace. Which I am thinking of a English Hood class and the make and take for Fabric Fiber and Fighting for the fall. I will schedule playtime around those courses, depending on my decisions to teach.

 My afternoon course was well attended by 6 and lots of good questions. I had detailed images of the children at play painting done by Brugel. I want to find more on the political significance of  this painting to beef the content more. It just became an image search and discussion on the games shown really. Folks were kind about the class but I know I can do better.  Plan on changing a few things to get things a bit more interesting. Its a good topic and the pics were really good but needs more beef in the reasearch.
Abhainn Ciach Ghlais Shrine 

The food was superb as usual, the weather was warm the warcollege broke a new attendence record, you could tell how touched the organzers were with the turnout. I know the organizer of the Academy classes was happy with the wide range of courses for folks to try, which I was happy with the selection as well. Got to attend the heraldic fan class and the Henry VIII valentine course, both excellent! Was able to get handouts on the others I missed due to confict with my teaching, but its all good.  I wished there was A/C in the venue, it would have helped cut some of the humidity.

I was able to get time to shop, though I really didn't need to buy anything. Bought a book on English Royalty, a netted cault to add to an Elizabethan hat, some decorated pins and earrings. I saw my lovely needlecase full of needles, though I didnt need to get those. These items were to be sold and given to the Royalty for their travel expenses. So my $17 goes to a good cause, will show how the hat looks now in a future post. I plan on wearing it to FFF with my black Elizabethan with Erimine puff sleeves, should be epic.

Teal Tudor Gown

During court I was called up for thanks with my many efforts and escapades with the shire children in keeping them entertained.Their Royal Highnesses I know appreciate my efforts, wish I had something more organzied for the day but teaching consumed alot of my time. I did oversee some games and provided the playroom, didn't get used but was still there. Though folks told me the effort and space was thought out and that makes a difference. It is very nice to be appreciated {-D

I have a few pictures from AEcademy these were taken by Lady Livia Valenti, thank you for these.
The last one is an Lewisburg Arts but this is typical me, Tudor rose purse and all. This the wonderful Teal Tudor gown. Will be making another unique compliation soon. I thought you would find picture amusing. Speaking of the Tudor Rose purse, I have gotten more complinents over my creative use of craft felt, than any single piece of garb created. On that note time to get back to sewing I am currently in the midst of garb creation, pics forth coming.


Lady Mairin



Tudor Q and A

What is a Tudorosity?

A mashed combination of the words Tudor and Curiosity to create the word Tudorosity. Tudorosities is the plural form and the deffinition is as follows.

Tudorosity- an desire to learn or know anything about the Tudor dynasty assocated with years 1405 through 1603.

Most people ask my why I make the Tudor garb ?

I find the clothing of this era not only beautiful but also challenging to sew. There is much more care and purpose put into making garments and wearing garments in the Tudor Era. I love the look of Tudor so much I wanted to explore the way clothes were made back then and the subtle changes in fashion and styles of time.

How did you get started in this interesting hobby?

I started with art first, I love to draw, paint, and sculpt all the traditional fine arts. So being able to draw helps me visualize the looks I want to create in my garb. History has always been a huge interest of mine and I've had a knack for sewing since I was 6 years old. It all started with doll clothes and I learned cross stitch embroidery from my grandmother when I was little. I am self taught sewer, crochet, knitting, embroidery and tatting. My methods are learned from books mainly and there is still so much more to learn.

What is my favorite outfit and why?

It would be like picking a favorite out of one of my future children, its impossible. I love all my gown creations and really like the distinct differences in all the styles clothing I make for the Tudor Era.

Do you make the whole outfit including hat, shoes, and undergarments?

I do have a goal of making a complete Tudor from the skin out. As of right now I make 80% of my gowns and accessories. The shoes, corset, stockings, and petticoats are bought online and the petticoats are a close reproduction but not made by me. Though someday I plan on making a reed corset and petticoat to wear under my gowns, as well as other accessories.

How long does it take to make a gown?

It all depends on the type of gown I plan on making and the time period and class of the design. Generally if I work on it 8 hours a day on a sewing machine it will take 3 days to get the basics and another 5 days to do finish hand-sewing details and beading. So a week to a week and a half if working on it steady for that amount of time. I work a full-time job so it does take longer than a week to complete. I put over 40-100 hours per outfit depending on its complexity, its like its own full time job of sorts.

Do you make renaissance clothing for sale or custom orders?

No, due to new employment and changes in my lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have no time to support sewing for others. Though I recommend sewing lessons for those adventurous few. There are many fine folks who make and sell historical clothing. I suggest guidance with sew from many fine historical enthusiastic costumers out on the internet.

How long have you been making these elaborate costumes?

I have been in the Society of Creative Anachronism coming up on my 10th year. Active since 2004 working at demonstrations and volunteering when I could between working and other life's distractions. I really concentrated on Tudor sewing in 2007 and worked with patterns to learn proper fabrics, techniques, fit, and silhouette. I really enjoy the eras transition from a medieval form fitting layered cotterdie to the boned Tudor kirtle and then to structured Elizabethan clothing.

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Lady Willoughby

Lady Willoughby

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Peach Elizabethan Noble

Peach Elizabethan Noble

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Mauve Waistcoat Elizabethan Gown

Mauve Waistcoat Elizabethan Gown

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

O'Cadhla Heraldry

O'Cadhla Heraldry

Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England